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The process of installing concrete involves several steps. Here is an overview of our process:

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  1. Site preparation: The site where the concrete is to be poured needs to be prepared beforehand. This may include clearing the area, grading and leveling the ground, and installing any necessary forms or reinforcement. We install rebar in all projects and this comes standard with every project we take on.

  2. Mixing or ordering concrete: The concrete mix is prepared by combining cement, sand, gravel or other aggregates, and water in the correct proportions. Depending on the project, additional materials may also be added to the mix, such as admixtures or fibers. All Concrete will be a 4000PSI mix. On medium to large project concrete is ordered from ready mix plants. Color, If added to an ordered is mixed integrally at the plant for a more consistent color throughout the product and will not fade with time. 

  3. Pouring the concrete: Once the concrete mix is ready or has been delivered it is poured into the prepared forms. The concrete should be poured in a continuous manner to ensure a uniform finish. It is important to avoid overworking or tamping down the concrete too much, as this can lead to air pockets and weaken the final product. Concrete is installed and screeded off to match height of prepared forms. Driveways are installed in 4" thickness unless stated otherwise by the client. 

  4. Finishing the concrete: After the concrete has been poured, it needs to be finished. Timing is very important during this process. This process varies with the type of finish the client has chosen but can involve smoothing and leveling the surface, adding texture or patterns, and applying any necessary curing agents or sealers. 

  5. Curing the concrete: After the concrete has been finished, it needs to be allowed to cure. This involves keeping the concrete moist and at a consistent temperature for a period of time, typically several days to a week or more, depending on the thickness of the concrete and other factors.

  6. Removing the forms: Once the concrete has cured, the forms can be removed. The concrete should be allowed a minimum of 48hrs before foot traffic and if possible 7 days before vehicle traffic. Concrete typically takes 28 days to fully cure and will also vary on thickness of slab.

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